Linguistic summer camp in Canyamars :)

Canyamars Xanascat | Idiomes - de de 8 a 12 anys - al
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Hello families !!


We send you an energetic greeting from Canyamars. Today we have started the first day of thecamp :) First of all, we have gotten energy through a full breakfast. Afterwards we danced and stretched to prepare our body and mind for the English classes!!!


We have made games icebreakers to know each other a little more. Dynamic games to interact with all people using English as a resources to learn and enjoy the time!!


Before going to eat, we have enjoyed a warm day in the pool. We have done relays and jumping contests to test our skills.  In the afternoon we did a gymkhana with different tests. In each test they could get clues to decipher the final message that was going to reveal what they were going to get. There were different prizes that they could unlock if they achieved a minimum score. 


Kids are super motivated in the activities. We are very happy with the attitude they show on a daily basis. At the end of the day we do a tutorial to talk to the group and see how they have felt throughout the day. Before going to bed we sing some songs in English to relax and go to bed quietly :)